David Piedfort


Piet Van den Heuvel & Band – Way Past Pumpkin Time

Album: The January Tapes

Played by:
Piet Van den Heuvel – Vocals, Guitar & percussion
Mike Smeulders – Keyboard, Fender Rhodes, Accordion & backing vocals
David Piedfort – All kinds of guitars, Dobro’s, mandoline & backing vocals
Bart Buls – Bassguitar, being awesome & backing vocals
Pieter Doms – Drums
Sammi Van den Heuvel – Backing vocals, percussion & bringer of good looks

Recorded in the “Mimuze”
Sound engineers:
Pieter Nijs – Live recording, microphone placement & squeaky sounds with scissor elevator
Tom Proost – Studio, mixing and editing master
Floris De Decker – Mastering

Marc Rosso – Camera, editing & sound synchronization
Maurice Van Bavel – Camera

Tijdens het mixen van de songs werden geen overdubs of auto-tuning gebruikt.
What you hear is what you get.

More info: please visit our website at www.pietvandenheuvel.com